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Mayor Of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

Mayor José Ángel Hernández Barajas


José Angel Hernández Barajas was born in Nogales, Sonora on July 22, 1971. He was the first of 5 children. Raised in the city of Guadalajara, where his family originates: his father, of Los Altos de Jalisco, and his mother, La Perla de Occidente (Guadalajara).

At 17 he returned to Nogales. He joined the school Nogales Institute of Technology and continued his career at the same Institute (Very proudly!). Graduating in 1994 as Industrial Engineer in Electronics.

His way through the technology was loud and hard as always fought to have more students participated in a strike to improve the academic level of high school, formed the student council (non-existent in those days), organized many activities, all in help contemporary students of the 90's. Citizens participated as an election observer in the campaign of 94 (when Luis Donaldo Colosio), also fought for the first steps for the donation of 10 acres to the Tech needed to grow (which is already a fact), and in most social action and less political, was the first representative of beauty that would have the ITN to a national event among the 73 technology of that time. The beauty queen of technology in 1994, while Jose Angel was student council president, was Mireya Almada and is now his wife. They have a 6 year old son, Angel Daniel.

After graduating from ITN, José Angel joined the ranks of the National Action Party. Participated as Secretary of Youth Action.

In 1996, began his role as businessman with Carlos Sierra, José Ángel’s friend from years ago. Crean Sonora Sierra Communications Inc. Ltd., a firm dedicated to marketing the latest in communications technology in the state and the northern region the country.
This business has had the opportunity to meet important market clients such as ITT Cannon, Nissan Mexicana, Ford Motor Company, Coca Cola, Sonitronies, Chamberlain, etc. In addition to having trading partners like: Telmex, Kenwood, Avaya, etc. Which choose their partners for their great reliability, responsibility and innovation.

His life in politics has always been very active in 2000 had the opportunity to be Candidate for Mayor in Nogales, framed in the famous campaign of Vicente Fox José Ángel was the most advanced candidate preferences, the rebound of 4% intend to vote to 44% at the end of the election, but did not win, gave 8 Representatives at City Hall multimember (councilors) derived from the so overwhelming amount of votes obtained. In the ways of politics are obviously not all victories. It is precisely what makes the defeats that continue to grow as a human being.

In 2004, Jose Angel Hernandez was elected president of the municipal executive committee of the National Action Party. During his tenure, he played championing the change in the city of Nogales, the first victory of PAN candidates in the city, both Mayor and Deputies, and the current President of the Republic, Felipe Calderón.

During the municipal administration made by the PAN, he served as Coordinator of Institutional Relations, dedicated to the management of extra resources for municipal works and, months later, as Secretary of Social Development of the City.

As Director of Social Development introduced the concept in the city of Participatory Budgeting in the colonies, where citizens who would be democratically elected in what work would be reversed the next budget. A concept already well digested in cities of first world countries.

Rescued more than 15 public spaces, with extra resources to enable parks in other administrations were even selling goods of the rich and powerful.

José Angel is currently Mayor of the city of Nogales, Sonora. This work aimed at making further progress Nogales, following an accelerated pace of history.

With his experience in the political life of the city from his youth, his commitment to the city where he was born and where he decided to stay and grow with his family, investing, creating employment and loving enough to find growth and development as well as giving back to the city's many blessings he has received while living there.

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