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Inaccurate Nogales U.S. Consulate Warning Story

In response to the stories about the U.S. Consulate in Nogales’ warning for U.S citizens. Initially the story said that the top Nogales DEA official had a threat against his life and that the U. S. Consulate was not returning inquiries about the details. I believe that most of the national stories originated from the Arizona Daily Star’s “Mexico travel warnings after US citizen killed,” see at: Or, perhaps NBC’s affiliate KVOA, See story at:

1.  The original WARNING was completely bogus. If there was a threat to the DEA official, he should have been removed to Washington D.C. for his safety, not put the whole city almost off limits to U.S. citizens. See story at:

2.  The WARNING then was exalted to “see we told you so” when a man from Tucson was killed Tuesday morning (2:45 AM) in the south part of Nogales. Give me a break, the guy was not there visiting friends or relatives, he was doing something with the drug people. His name was Jorge Luis Soto. See NBC’s affiliate KVOA story at:

3.  The WARNING has hit the fledging economy of Nogales, Sonora hard. U.S. citizens have cancelled their appointments to the dentists and doctors; Americans have curtailed crossing the border for a day trip to the restaurants, bars and shops.

There has been not a mention of the endorsement that the Mayor of Tucson, Jonathan Rothschild, made in Nogales on May 30.  "It's true, it's a safe city it is with open arms to welcome everyone" he also added Nogales has restaurants, culture, art and many attractive, he said, making it one of the major cities for tourists and for businessmen. See el Diario, May 31, 2014, for the complete endorsement or go to:

Some of the “News” purveyors have followed with stories about the immigration problems, how they understand some Mexicans only cross the border to find work to support their families. Always there are stories about the drug cartel violence and the dangers.

Why not follow these stories with stories about the majority of good hard working people in Nogales and Mexico. Talk about the benefits of visiting the safe areas of Mexico. Talk about the affordable alternatives to Obamacare that do not cover dental care. Talk about a day trip to the Safe Tourist District for a good Mexican food meal, shopping and a great margarita.

Please, PEOPLE OF THE MEDIA, do some homework and give the people and the economy of Nogales a chance to continue their recovery from the devastating drug cartel violence. The U.S. citizens deserve to hear a positive story about Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

The author of this note is Gary W. Logan, Administrator for a small website, ”,”  providing information about the dental & medical care, pharmacy drugs, restaurants, cantinas and shops. The website was started in 2006 and is basically a community service project, basically non-profit, for the people of Arizona, the U.S.A. and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

The Nogales Safe Tourist District, right across the U.S./Mexican border is a safe place to save Money on Dental & Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Mexican handicraft, a Mexican Dinner, a fantastic Margarita or just an inexpensive diversion from your daily routine. 


Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Calendar of Events 2014

Expose the beauty of Nogales woman

In pleasant fellowship among the candidates for Queen of the May Festival in both Nogales 

Omar Chiquete 
Nogales, Arizona - New Day

Queen candidates of both parties May Nogales, met at a social event at Casa Fridas, in Nogales, Arizona, where lived and shared their experiences.

Candidates of Nogales, Arizona, Paola Garza, Denisse Lara, Alexa Ifantópulos Danielle Covarrubias and Nailea Leon received aspiring queen of May Giestas Nogales, Sonora, Monserrat Wong, Daniela Ballesteros, Alondra Felix Duarte and Yurimica. 

A social event, organized by the Committee on Art and Culture of Nogales, Arizona also attended by representatives of the governments of both Nogales, supporting such events, only at the border. 

Coronation of the Queen of the May Festival in Nogales, Sonora, will be the 2nd of May, while the coronation Queen of the Festival of Nogales, Arizona, will be on May 3.

RGM May Festival Opens May 03 and Concludes May 11
Details Published on Saturday 26 April 2014, Written by Editor / The Journal


Call Mayor Ramon Guzman to live this fair family where there are activities for everyone. With the ribbon cutting and opening remarks by Mayor Ramon Guzman Muñoz, were formally be inaugurated last night the festivities of May 2014 also known as Fiestas Flower, whose theme this year is "Live the Family Fair" which will culminate on May 11. Accompanied by municipal officials, councilors, diplomats, candidates candidates ugly queens and kings, and special guests, who gave quotes to Macro Plaza, the mayor will said he hopes to have a relaxing holiday, where people go to spend a great time in the company of his entire family. then the message of Mayor Ramon Guzman Muñoz in which invited community to enjoy healthy, the sky lit up with colored lights through the fireworks. Later submission of candidates was performed queens, who said they were ready for the competition to be held on Friday May 3. 

Al be approached by the press the Mayor said that this holiday season there is more room for fun and said the events that has been making the present municipal administration are always thinking about the Nogales families. "These parties have many important aspects such as cleaning and security for people to come and have fun healthy there are a combination entertainment for children, youth and adults, with lots of rides, and we are pleased that companies have joined with some activities to recover many traditions " said the munícipe. added that it is also activities such as competition and the Mexican song called Teatro del Pueblo. Attendees who accompanied the mayor of the City Secretary Gerardo Romero Rubio were; the ruler of Nogales, Arizona, Joe Acosta; consuls of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona, Jaime Paz y Puente and Fernando Valdez Gutiérrez; Amelia Melendez coordinator parties in Nogales, Arizona; Queen of the Parties in May 2013 Maribel Basaca. councilors also attended Martha Antelo, Redondo Nidia Castillo, Orozco Xarit Cortés, Celeste Bojorquez, Elba Luz Enriquez Ramiro Mendoza and Luis Rodriguez.

Achieve fight Mayor Jose Luis Castillo
(Mayor announces Boxing Match with Jose Luis Castillo)

The tentative date is for next May 23 

Nogales, Sonora - New Day

Mayor Ramon Guzman Muñoz, announced in May that will feature a new b1ox in this city, with the participation of former world Lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo and Nogales talents as Noah "El Chamaco" Lopez. 
The Mayor said that this would be the second show that takes place in Nogales, where you have the presence of renowned athlete, as it was in the first time, Jorge "El Travieso" Arce. 
The event is tentatively referred for May 23, with an interesting billboard where the son of José Luis Castillo will as well as other recognized, but most important is that you have a local boxers. 
Mayor said that what is sought is to have quality fights and attract economic benefit, for healthy people to have fun.

The Mayor Ramon Guzman Muñoz confirmed the presentation of former world champion Lightweight Jose Luis Castillo in the border next month.


According to the
Nogales Department of Economic Development and Tourism
NO Tourism Event Dates are Scheduled for 2014
until the completion of the renovation of Obregon Avenue--
May, June or July of 2014
We will keep you updated as soon as the Department Advises!

In the Mean Time

May we suggest a Day-Trip with Friends
No Problems with Construction

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WinterFest 2013
Friday and Saturday, November 15 & 16

If you missed the fun, here's a few photos

WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico
WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico
WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico
 WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico

WinterFest 2013 in Nogales Sonora Mexico
WinterFest 2013
Saturday Agenda for the Northern Visitors

Click on Flyer Below to Enlarge
 WinterFest 2013 Weekend Events in Nogales Sonora Mexico  WinterFest 2013 Boxing Match in Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Bike Race in Nogales Sonora Mexico 
WinterFest 2013
Weekend Festivities 
WinterFest 2013
Friday Night Boxing Matches 
WinterFest 2013
Saturday Afternoon Bike Race 


Opens Fiestas Patrias 2013

The 2012-2015 Municipal Government led by Mayor Ramon Guzman Munoz opened the traditional weekend Fiestas Patrias 2013, which feature on-site activities CAADES, Elijah Street and also on the 15th will be held Cry Independence from Nogales Art Museum. 
, the traditional ribbon cutting took place at the entrance to CAADES facilities, where part of the City officials and councilors, as well as candidates for Queen of the Fiestas Patrias. 
Prior to the ribbon cutting candidates participated in a demonstration by the Avenida Obregon, this from the International Street, reaching CAADES installations, where hundreds of people waited with clubs who supported their favorites. 
During the inauguration of the municipal authority asked the Nogales go to the activities that have been prepared for the festivities, while inviting them to have fun in a calm manner, to achieve a white balance as happened in May Festival.

Nogales Bikers Rally in Nogales Sonora Mexico

Please Check Back for Updates
(Posters and other Information will be Posted A.S.A.P.)

“Mexico Independence day “
SEPTEMBER 13, 14, 15, 16

We commemorate the 213th anniversary. The Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) was an armed conflict between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonial authorities which started on September 16, 1810.

Sister cities baseball Tournament
SEPTEMBER 20, 21, 26

Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona will be held a friendly tournament by the Mexican pacific league, it will have teams like Yaquis from Ciudad Obregón, Naranjeros from Hermosillo, Mayos from Navojoa y Cañeros from los Mochis, and as special guest the Tucson Padres.

“Winter Fest 2013”
November 15, & 16

 It will take place the 2th edition of this festival that last year was a totally success, it has the propose of giving a warm welcome to all those Canadian & American Citizens that travel all the way from the north looking for warm places to stay.




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