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August 27 & 28, 2015

New at 05/05/2015 Nogales U.S. Consulate Warning
Nothing Negative about Nogales, Sonora!

Click below to see the full warning:
Enter State as SONORA

The part of the warning that is relevant to Nogales:

Sonora: Nogales, Puerto Penasco, Hermosillo, and San Carlos are major cities/travel destinations in Sonora-Sonora is a key region in the international drug and human trafficking trades and can be extremely dangerous for travelers. Travelers throughout Sonora are encouraged to limit travel to main roads during daylight hours. The region west of Nogales, east of Sonoyta, and from Caborca north, including the towns of Saric, Tubutama, and Altar, and the eastern edge of Sonora bordering Chihuahua, are known centers of illegal activity, and non-essential travel between these cities should be avoided. Travelers should also defer non-essential travel to the eastern edge of the state of Sonora, which borders the state of Chihuahua (all points along that border east of the northern city of Agua Prieta and the southern town of Alamos), and defer non-essential travel within the city of Ciudad Obregon and south of the city of Navojoa. You should exercise caution while transiting Vicam in southern Sonora due to roadblocks that can be instituted ad hoc by local indigenous and environmental groups. U.S. citizens visiting Puerto Penasco should use the Lukeville, Arizona/Sonoyta, Sonora border crossing, and limit driving to daylight hours.

The author of this note is Gary W. Logan, Administrator for a small website, ”,”  providing information about the dental & medical care, pharmacy drugs, restaurants, cantinas and shops. The website was started in 2006 and is basically a community service project, basically non-profit, for the people of Arizona, the U.S.A. and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

The Nogales Safe Tourist District, right across the U.S./Mexican border is a safe place to save Money on Dental & Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Mexican handicraft, a Mexican Dinner, a fantastic Margarita or just an inexpensive diversion from your daily routine.


A new website: is being developed to to showcase the many other businesses that offer lower cost services and products in Nogales, Sonora. Auto painting, upholstery, sign printing, printed shirts & hats, hair care, manicures and much, more. Some even have Promotions for special offers! Take a look at what is offered, if you can't find the information you need, call the Nogales Information Center at 520-841-7350 or email We have a bilingual staff that is waiting to help you.


Article posted in the Nogales International Newspaper, please click this link to see article:

Mayor-elect has big plans for Nogales, Sonora








“Temo” Galindo
Former federal deputy Cuauhtemoc “Temo” Galindo,
a member of the National Action Party, was elected
mayor of Nogales on June 7.

Posted: Friday, July 10, 2015 12:00 am
By Murphy Woodhouse 
Nogales International

When Cuauhtemoc “Temo” Galindo takes his oath of office as the new mayor of Nogales, Sonora on Sept. 16, he and his team won’t be short on things to do.

In an interview with the NI Tuesday, the 39-year-old member of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) laid out his ambitions for his three-year term, which includes tackling several issues that impact both sides of Ambos Nogales.

While most of the funding would have to come from Mexico’s federal government, Galindo said his administration will lobby for improvements to the Mexican side of the Mariposa Port of Entry, which was recently expanded significantly on the U.S. side.

In a similar vein, Galindo hopes to obtain additional federal support for a system of dams and retention basins in the city, which would cut down on the severity of flooding on both sides of the border.

Every year monsoon rains cause significant damage in Nogales, Sonora and often take the lives of people caught by the flooding. Last summer, waters crossing into Nogales, Ariz. damaged homes on Western Avenue in July, and swept the body of a 43-year-old woman into the Nogales Wash in August.

“We have to keep that infrastructure work in mind, but we also have to work with prevention,” Galindo said, adding that he intends to develop emergency plans to close down problem roadways and evacuate people from homes when floods are forecast.

Galindo said he also hopes to make Nogales, Sonora a more attractive destination for international tourists. Over his three-year term, he said, he wants to increase space for shops and restaurants in the downtown area and possibly build a new zocalo, or plaza. Annual festivals, like Day of the Dead, will also likely see more support.

Another element of the plan is to direct municipal police to be more welcoming to tourists.

“(We need) to ask the police to really become allies and public servants for tourists,” he said, adding that some officers try to “extort tourists instead of helping them.”

To help combat the cross-border crime common in the area, Galindo said he hopes to also form “mixed” police units with members of his municipal police paired with the state and federal forces.

In the past, the incoming mayor has been critical of some of Arizona’s and the U.S. government’s policies towards his country and Mexican nationals living in the United States. In 2010, he helped lead protests in Nogales, Sonora against Arizona’s hard-line immigration law known as SB 1070 and encouraged his countrymen not to patronize Arizona businesses.

“We are counting on this type of pressure to reverse, or at least convince (then-Gov. Jan Brewer) to relax these measures which, by all appearances, are racist,” he told the NI in May 2010.

However, in recent years, he said, he has noticed an improvement in the relationship between the two countries, as well as between Arizona and Sonora.

“One must be conscious of the benefits that come from being neighbors,” he said. “We have far more benefits than problems.”

Need for plans

Galindo previously represented Nogales, Sonora in Mexico’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, in Mexico City. He also served as a state deputy and city manager in Nogales, Sonora in the early 2000s. He was born and raised in the city, though he studied in Mexico City and United States, he said.

Galindo bested Humberto Pompa of the centrist Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) and a number of candidates from left-leaning parties in elections held June 7. The city’s current mayor, Ramon Guzman, is a member of the PRI and was unable to run for reelection.

Of the broad goals Galindo laid out for his upcoming administration, the first is to efficiently provide government services, like water, sewage, and public safety.

“The daily stuff, the things that citizens demand every day,” he said.

To help guide city priorities, Galindo said, he also intends to develop both an urban development and municipal development plan, documents the city currently doesn’t have. Officials would use those documents to prioritize infrastructure projects and guide growth in order to avoid disorderly development, he said.

Galindo also said he hopes to include more city residents in decision-making and developing budget priorities. To this end, his government will set up citizen councils on a variety of themes, like culture, economics and sports, which will then give recommendations and opinions on policy to the administration. He said he also intends to survey residents of the city’s different neighborhoods about the infrastructure projects most important to them to help guide the budget process.

Last year’s city budget was around 1.2 billion pesos, or about $76 million, he said.

“It’s not enough,” he said.

Like many border residents, Galindo has family ties on both sides. Nogales City Magistrate Mayra Galindo is his cousin, and he is the nephew-in-law of former Nogales Mayor Alberto Kramer.

“I’ve got family over there in Nogales, Ariz. (Its residents) will have the doors open so they can visit at ease,” he said, adding that Nogales, Sonora is their “second home.”



Please see the highlighted lines in the article above, the Mayor-Elect has the Nogales, Sonora is ready to address the tourism concerns and I am sure that it will resonate positively with the tourists. Hopefully, during his 3 year administration, Nogales, Sonora will regain it's popularity that was lost during the cartel violence. Please note the U.S. Consulate Warning at the top of this page.


Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Calendar of Events 2015

2015 Tequila Festival in Nogales Sonora Mexico

UPDATE: Article In the Nogales International
Says Festival will start at 7:00 PM


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WinterFest 2013
Friday and Saturday, November 15 & 16

If you missed the fun, here's a few photos

WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico
WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico
WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico
 WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Photos Nogales Sonora Mexico

WinterFest 2013 in Nogales Sonora Mexico
WinterFest 2013
Saturday Agenda for the Northern Visitors

Click on Flyer Below to Enlarge
 WinterFest 2013 Weekend Events in Nogales Sonora Mexico  WinterFest 2013 Boxing Match in Nogales Sonora Mexico WinterFest 2013 Bike Race in Nogales Sonora Mexico 
WinterFest 2013
Weekend Festivities 
WinterFest 2013
Friday Night Boxing Matches 
WinterFest 2013
Saturday Afternoon Bike Race 


Opens Fiestas Patrias 2013

The 2012-2015 Municipal Government led by Mayor Ramon Guzman Munoz opened the traditional weekend Fiestas Patrias 2013, which feature on-site activities CAADES, Elijah Street and also on the 15th will be held Cry Independence from Nogales Art Museum. 
, the traditional ribbon cutting took place at the entrance to CAADES facilities, where part of the City officials and councilors, as well as candidates for Queen of the Fiestas Patrias. 
Prior to the ribbon cutting candidates participated in a demonstration by the Avenida Obregon, this from the International Street, reaching CAADES installations, where hundreds of people waited with clubs who supported their favorites. 
During the inauguration of the municipal authority asked the Nogales go to the activities that have been prepared for the festivities, while inviting them to have fun in a calm manner, to achieve a white balance as happened in May Festival.

Nogales Bikers Rally in Nogales Sonora Mexico

Please Check Back for Updates
(Posters and other Information will be Posted A.S.A.P.)

“Mexico Independence day “
SEPTEMBER 13, 14, 15, 16

We commemorate the 213th anniversary. The Mexican War of Independence (1810–1821) was an armed conflict between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonial authorities which started on September 16, 1810.

Sister cities baseball Tournament
SEPTEMBER 20, 21, 26

Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona will be held a friendly tournament by the Mexican pacific league, it will have teams like Yaquis from Ciudad Obregón, Naranjeros from Hermosillo, Mayos from Navojoa y Cañeros from los Mochis, and as special guest the Tucson Padres.

“Winter Fest 2013”
November 15, & 16

 It will take place the 2th edition of this festival that last year was a totally success, it has the propose of giving a warm welcome to all those Canadian & American Citizens that travel all the way from the north looking for warm places to stay.




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